What a complete privilege it is to document and photograph a baby’s baptism. I really enjoy photographing baptism or christening services. As a christening photographer, I draw from my experience photographing weddings, and families. Similarly to a wedding ceremony, a baptism service has its own pace, and a set of rituals, all of which happens quickly and without repetition. So there are no second chances! I therefore have to work quickly, moving around to find the best angle and making sure those special, fleeting moments are captured.


I draw from my family photography experience to capture those little smiles, glances, and connections between family members. This experience also comes in handy when I have to direct larger groups for those very important group shots at the end of the ceremony!



Being baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ is a wonderful occasion and something to be remembered. Take away the other stresses of your child’s baptism day by not worrying about documenting it.


A photo session with your soon-to-be baptized child is a great way to remember what a special event this was for you and your family. Getting photos out of the way helps both you and your family to focus on the importance of the actual day of the baptism.

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300 Euro

90 minutes at the location

Between 150 and 200 edited images

Mini-session in the park with guests 

Home & Church

450 Euro

3 hours at the location

around 350 edited images

Minisession in the park with guests

Photo Album 15 x 15 cm

Full Day

650 Euro

3 hours Home + Church

3 hours at the restaurant

Around 550 Edited Images 

Minisession in the park with guests

Photo Album 20 x 20cm